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Once upon a time...

Art and stories have been a part of my life since I was child. I'm blessed with a family of readers who appreciate or even have talent for the arts. Despite loving to draw and write, I grew up with the idea that I had to go the ''safe'' route and focused on my part time jobs. Over time, it was draining me and left little time for creativity, as well as taking a toll on my mental health. Providence intervened when I suffered a head concussion and was unable to go back to work. While this seemed a bad set of circumstances on the surface, this was a time where I started going to therapy and focused on learning how to turn my art into gift products and how to run an online business. 

I have know realized the dream of mine of illustrating picture books. Here I share my journey and share the insights to my life thru my art, stories, and more. 

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Books I Have Illustrated 

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The Gift of the Gratitude Fairy

Written by Erin Finocchi
Illustrated by Nadja Bullis
Willow is a cheerful, fun loving girl from New England. Willow loves exploring the shores of her home state of Massachusetts, gardening with her mother, visiting her grandmother every week and she is always looking for a new adventure with her friends Polly and Pippi.
Willow has much to be grateful for, but still she always finds something to complain about.
Join Willow as she meets someone special and learns for herself just how magical a grateful heart can be!

We Find Joy ~ cancer messed with the wrong family

Written by Charissa Bayes
Illustrated by Nadja Bullis
We hear a family member has been diagnosed with cancer. That's a lot to take in! Guess what? You and your family have the power to create joy during this time. Our mom was diagnosed when we were 2, 5, and 7 and we learned a lot! We also had a lot of fun even though times were scary and sometimes hard on our family. Find ways to create, cope, and learn how to make the most out of each day.

Sheldon's Time

Written by Lindsey Pope
Illustrated by Nadja Bullis
Reading his favorite book at home, Sheldon the crab has the dream day planned for any introvert, until his friends want to play. Sheldon finds himself trapped between wanting to make his friends happy and catering to his own needs. What will he do?

The Adventures of the
Wildflower Bunch

Written by Charissa Bates
Illustrated by Nadja Bullis
Meet the Wildflowers, 6 friends growing their faith and sharing lessons along the way! Anya Bear shows us how to be a good neighbor like Jesus. Beautiful illustrations done in watercolors. Come help your little wildflowers grow freely in Jesus. Easy ways to implement Jesus' love in the lives of our little ones!

The Traveling Book

Written by Charissa Bates

Illustrated by Nadja Bullis

Follow the Traveling Book as he explores new places! Where will he go? Who will he meet? Where will he land? He goes to little free libraries all over the world, a thrift store (gasp!), and to many fun houses! You won’t believe his last landing spot! Hint: you know this person. 

This book helps capture the love of reading in a fun way. 

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