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A Dream Realized!!!

I've been absent for some time but with a good reason!

I am now a published Illustrator! Being a children's book illustrator has been the dream!!!

I was taken on by new writing team Charissa Bates and Abbey Feldkamp.

It's really been a dream come true. I've been so hesitant to dip into the professional illustrating world, especially pitching my own stories and work.

This was an opportunity to learn. I learned so that I can take with me into further book projects. I really loved working with this team and am working on Charissa Bates's new book The Traveling Book. It comes out this June of 2022.

The response I've had from family and friends has been overwhelming. I told almost no one. It was a big reveal to my family and the response is one I'll never forget - Shock , pride, excitement. My mom immediately started telling people. 😆

I am very blessed.

You can order the book signed from me or get it on Amazon.

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