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Art Journey & Origin

I didn't want to start with anything heavy. I thought I'd just share a little insight into my art journey as it is now.

I've been scribbling up princesses and fairies since as young as I can remember. My grandmother is an artist and extended family in general are very artistically inclined. I never had apprehension about trying to draw like some others kids did. Indeed, compared to other kids' stick people I saw I was better at drawing and was praised for it.

That said, sketching and drawing came and went months at a time. I just enjoyed it as a past time and didn't take it seriously.

Into my teens, I started wanting to actual study and learn how to get better. It was like I was suddenly seized by a desire to develop this skill. I had transitioned from writing about my feelings or stories, into wanting to express them on paper.

So I learned from YouTube and got better at the technical stuff. I started learning realism and anime style at the same time. My style utilizes aspects of both now. I didn't branch into any other medium other than pencil. Not until I realized I could start a stationery shops with my images. I quickly looked to watercolor to add color to my drawings. I both loved and struggled with it. I wasn't good at the loose illustrations and decided to use line art.

I've been learning to work with watercolor for under two years and have a lot to learn. Only about two or three months into using them did I make my first cards. I have a lot to learn and now giving focus to working without the line art.

It's been fun, frustrating, and beautiful. I love expressing myself in art. I would bloke to share some personal works that I don't finalize or ever intend for my shop. Just what I do for myself and to learn.

When considering sharing my latest watercolor, my first thought was "well, it's pretty rough and not nicely polished or special". Then I stopped myself. Exactly. It's ok. I get so awed by the amazing artists I look up to who all seem to create only masterpieces. Not so. Nor should I expect that of myself. I am where I am. I got here by working. I should remember to take pride in it and accept my flaws with the achievement. So here is just a sweet illustration of Mother and baby. I think the reference was from Demon Slayer art but not sure. I did end up using watercolor to outline a bit but I experimented a lot on this one to break away from my usual approach. It's just really sweet and I didn't overthink it or expect it to look one way or another. Considering that, I'm very happy with it.

I like to take pictures so I see my transition.

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