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Book for Introverts

I meant to share about this earlier but have been juggling two book projects and negotiating a third. What a fun and amazing time! Now to talk about this book illustration project that I'm sooo hyped about. The concept alone sold me. It focuses on an introverted crab and how he communicates to his friends his need for alone time. This may hopefully be part of a series exploring his sea friends featured in the book. When I read the manuscript I was floored! Not only is the author superb in her rhyming skills (which a good number of authors think they can and can't) but the whole development is so real and precise to my own experience as an introvert. The growing agitation when you're repeatedly interrupted from your quiet time, showing the joy of enjoying a book by yourself, feeling torn between other's wants and your needs, that he communicates via a letter, and how he maintains his space thru out! This is excellent for kids to learn of themselves and understand others if they are not that way.

I really want to do this story justice as it's excellent in it's own with the message and writing.

Thru these new 2 projects (this book and the other) I do see myself challenging my approach. I want to better something each time, no matter how little. That being said, I'm battling imposter syndrome thru this. My sketching and line art is up to snuff but I still struggle with getting watercolors to look right and pulled together. This will be something I'll be giving special attention to bettering.

This is a beautiful story that I wish I'd had as a child. I'll be advocating it heavily. It's a must read. Look for it soon!

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