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Fall Hygge Life

Today I experienced that first feel of fall in the air. Where the temperature is just a wee bit chilly without being cold, you can breathe in clear air, and everything feels like it's hushed down from summer's hectic ways.

As a fall child, I'm biased but I do feel most myself in the autumn. There is a calmness that gives me clarity of mind. I don't feel like I have to fight the world to pace myself slower. Everything starts to slow and I think people sense it. I helped a friend research Denmark culture about 2 years ago and I loved the constant presence of hygge. A loose concept of things cozy and home-like. America doesn't have this. We experience it in off moments when not trying to crank out as much productivity as we can. I think this has harmed us in not providing a calm and rest in our everyday. To curl up with a book and tea or play a game without feeling guilty or need to justify this "lazy" behavior. Fall provides the most hygge for me. I'm drinking pumpkin spice coffee in the morning. I'm sitting out with the dogs so to take in the air. I'm eager to pull out my cozy sweaters.

What do you love about fall?

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