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Mental Health in a Rush Culture

In the past couple months, I've been learning how to make digital products. Something that was very intimidating when I started my Etsy shop. My mom showed me various ideas I could do with my art in a digital format early on. I am not tech savvy and the prospect of figuring all that out at the time was too daunting. I focused on physical products, with which I was more familiar.

Here I am, after slowly taking baby steps in learning more and more things to improve my shop and social media presence, I've overcome that fear and learned what I thought I wasn't up to. I've made my art printable for wall art, made custom phone wallpaper & app icons, and now adding printable sheets & charts. First of which is a chart for Mental Health.

As a side note, not many people are aware but I try to keep the light green present thru my store and some key products as a tribute to the ribbon color of mental health awareness. Something I care about strongly and am working to prioritize in a culture that doesn't.

I've learned to be gentler and patient with myself in my learning journey. I get scared of things that look big and intense and my instinct is to run. What I've learned about myself is that I need to expose myself to something for a while before undertaking it. I gain a general jist of what's involved, maybe pick up some things without actually studying, and then finally feel the courage to get into it.

This makes my progress slow and often unseen by most. I don't have trophies to show for these little victories but I've come to accept that I just need to prove to myself that I'm capable and that I'm growing. If it's at a slow pace, it's ok. It's not putting a mental or emotional strain on me and I can enjoy the learning. Also, it means I'm not running away. I do face it, just take my time. I won't be pushed.

So that's my little update on my projects lately and my mindset thru it.

Here's the take away...

• Don't be your own handicap (staying in fear) or compromise your ambitions

• Listen to your body and take time to learn about yourself and how best you learn.

• Don't follow other's methods if it's not right for you. Even if they tell you it is, everyone does it in that way.

• Enjoy the little victories. Celebrate and be in the moment.

Thank you for reading ❤️

Check out my chart, art prints, and phone wallpaper!

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