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My Authors Debut!

This year, I've been working with Charissa Bates yet again but this time in a writing capacity as well as illustration. Charissa Bates is a deeply connected Norwegian and wanted to share the culture with the new generation. As a fellow Norwegian descendant, I think it was appropriate that we collaborated more with this project to bring a fun story to life while showcasing some cool things from Norway! We follow a spunky mouse as she explores the Norwegian Fair and a mysterious cat seems to always be around when trouble happens. Will have to read to find out what happens from there.

I am really building on my previous work with each book to make the next ones better. I learned to work with bright colors on Charissa's earlier books, I learned how to work with animal characters on Lindsey Pope's books, and I learned to combine spot illustration with full ones with Erin Finnochi. I hope to keep growing and become a full time creator of books.

I Do Declare! A Norwegian Fair! Is available on Amazon and so is it's companion coloring book! Do check them out and would love to hear your thoughts in a review!

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