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My Second Book!!! 📖

I have been working very hard at the illustrations and formatting on this new book by Charissa Bates. This one has more plot and levels compared to the lesson based story in The Adventures of the Wildflower Bunch. In regards to the illustrations, it was a challenge in that it includes many Little Free Libraries which I based off of real ones around the world. That required some attention to architecture, which I don't usually do.

There were also a vast array of children and families. That took a lot of time but was fun to work with such a variety of ethnicities and couple disabilities.

I'm very grateful to have had Charissa Bates as my first author. She has been a joy to work with and has shared news of my services more than I suspect is normal. An experience that could have gone many different ways has been just about the best it possible could have been. I am very blessed and feel motivated and driven to pursue illustration full time.

I have some more projects in the works. I look forward to sharing those with you.

I hope you'll check out The Traveling Book. I'm very proud of it and it's a genuinely amazing read.

Expecting it to come out late June or early July. Keep your eyes peeled! 👀

If you are interested in working with me, see my Hire The Illustrator page for details.

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