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New book in time for Thanksgiving!

My latest book illustration project with a new author has finally come full circle and I can share The Gift of The Gratitude Fairy!

We meet a young girl named Willow, who has a bit of a problem. She complains quote a lot. She meets a special someone who gives her a gift that will help her find gratitude.

This is the most "me" book this far, as far as the content being something I would have read as a kid, I helped rework it, and got to use my natural style. It is also edited by my mom! What I really appreciate is it is very constructive and useful for kids, as far as seeing a real girl deal with real and valid feelings. This book is less about suppressing your feelings but how to redirect them. She has a tool that other kids can use in the form of a gratitude journal. While not magical like Willow's, there is an accompanying journal available by the author.

On the illustration side of things, this book is chuck full of little detail work. I liked figuringbour what items would be in these settings and having personal touches all through out the book. I had a lot of creative freedom with this book. I really analyzed Willow especially and feel like I know her really well. She goes through a transition so I also know her in these moments and how they affect her. When I got approached by the author to do a fairy book, I jumped on it! If you don't know, fairies and princesses are kind of my thing.

Super proud of this book and hope you'll check it out. It is available on Amazon.

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